Life is a Stage!

20th Jul 2016



“We’ve got magic to do, just for you! We’ve got miracle plays to play…

We’ve got parts to perform, hearts to warm… Kings and things we’ll take by storm..

Kings and things to take by storm.. As we go along our way…”





Tuesdays are always so magical at Creative Kids Academy! With our special friend, Ms. Mary Beach, leading our drama program, we learn about sets, stage and acting cues, and keeping in character. Our class gets the chance to act out different emotions with Ms. Beach’s “feelings caterpillar,” and we even get to call different fairy tale characters on her special fairy tale phone!





Ms. Mary Beach calling Elsa, Darth Vader, and other fairy tale characters on her magical fairy tale phone!






We love using our imaginations and being creative as we dress up and act like different characters, act out different roles, and take our cues from Ms. Beach.


image image1 IMG_4500





Ms. Mary Beach showing us the set for the day. For the month of July, she showed us things that corresponded with our “Around the World” theme, such as Mexican dolls, an Egyptian mask, and Japanese umbrella.






We LOVE having Ms. Mary Beach, and we love learning how to act and perform!


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