Parent Handbook


Welcome to Creative Kids Academy! We are so happy to have you and your child as part of our CKA family! In this handbook, you will find our policies and procedure guidelines. If you have any questions regarding any part of this handbook, please let us know.


Child Care Philosophy

 Family child care in a “home like” setting is the best alternative there is for working parents. It provides a secure environment for children during the most important time of their development. Family child care offers a home away from home, providing children with friends of all ages, to play, socialize, and learn from. Our goal is to offer quality child care for your child and to provide…


*A safe environment

*A nurturing environment

*A learning environment. Learning is not just the ABC’s and 123’s, but is also the learning of values. The learning of honesty, respect, self–reliance, potential, self-discipline, and moderation. As well as the values of being; compassionate, loving, kind, and fair.

*A proper approach to discipline. Since children occasionally need discipline, it is important that Parents and Teachers share a similar philosophy of discipline. Sharing a similar philosophy helps your child understand boundaries and rules. This helps your child from being confused as to where the boundaries are and what is expected of him/her. Children are taught which behaviors are inappropriate, and why, and given alternatives that are acceptable. In this way, the behavior is being changed, without making the child feel “bad” or unloved. This helps develop their self-esteem, and teaches them how to handle difficult situations themselves in the future.

*And to foster unconditional love… this kind of love is very important because children should not grow up feeling that in order to be loved and cared for they must meet numerous conditions.


Communication is key to a successful child care arrangement. The parent and provider need to have a good working relationship so they can communicate and work together. Parent and provider need to exchange pertinent information in the child’s life such as changes in routine, special events, or activities, as well as changes such as death, divorce, separation, moving, visitors, etc. All this information can be important in understanding the child’s feelings, behavior, and well being.

Creative Kids Academy invites you to share with us any concerns you may have about your child. We encourage communication via email or in person. We also welcome in person conferences.



 No physical discipline is ever used at Creative Kids Academy. Creative Kids Academy disciplines by the teachers expressing disapproval (without attaching character) to the behavior that is occurring. Teachers state expectations and show your child how to make amends. Teachers give choices, and then work to redirect behavior that is undesirable.

We will communicate to you immediately if your child is frequently and deliberately causing harm to others and/or is frequently and deliberately destructive. This behavior is unsafe and will not be allowed – immediate termination will ensue if the behavior persists.


Child Abuse

The staff at Creative Kids Academy are all Mandated Child Abuse Reporters. This means that if staff suspects child abuse; we will report it to Child Protective Services (CPS). If your child has any injuries, please communicate that to the staff when you drop off your child. If an injury is severe, CKA will ask the parent/guardian to fill out an Injury Documentation form. CKA will keep a copy of this form in your child’s file.



The California Department of Social Services oversees Creative Kids Academy. Licensing requires that Creative Kids Academy meets all standards and regulations per California Law for the children in our care. Parents/Guardians have rights as well as the children. Upon enrollment at CKA, you will receive a copy of your Parent’s Rights. Below, you will find a small summary of both Children’s and Parents rights. Please contact the Department of Social Services at for more information.


Children’s Personal Rights

Each child enrolled in any child care center/home has rights which include but are not limited to, the following;

(1) To be accorded dignity in his/her personal relationships with staff and other persons.

(2) To be accorded safe, healthful and comfortable accommodations, furnishings and equipment to meet his/her needs.

(3) To be free from corporal or unusual punishment, infliction of pain, humiliation, intimidation, ridicule, coercion, threat, mental abuse, or other actions of a punitive nature, including but not limited to: interference with daily living functions, including eating, sleeping, or toileting; or withholding of shelter, clothing, medication or aids to physical functioning.

(4) To be informed, and to have his/her authorized representative, if any, informed by the licensee of the provisions of law regarding complaints including, but not limited to, the address and telephone number of the complaint receiving unit of the licensing agency and of information regarding confidentiality.

(5) To be free to attend religious services or activities of his/her choice and to have visits from the spiritual advisor of his/her choice. Attendance at religious services, either in or outside the facility, shall be on a completely voluntary basis. In Child Care Centers, decisions concerning attendance at religious services or visits from Spiritual advisors shall be made by the parent(s), or guardian(s) of the child.

(6) Not to be locked in any room, building, or facility premises by day or night.

(7) Not to be placed in any restraining device, except a supportive restraint approved in advance by the licensing agency.


Parent’s/Guardian’s Rights

As a Parent/Guardian you have the right to;

  1. Enter and inspect the family child care home without advance notice whenever children are in care.
  1. File a complaint against the licensee with the licensing office and review the licensee’s public file kept by the licensing office.
  1. Review, at the family child care home, reports of licensing visits and substantiated complaints against the licensee made during the last three years.
  1. Complain to the licensing office and inspect the family child care home without discrimination or retaliation against you or your child.
  1. Be notified and receive, from the licensee a written notice that lists the names of any person not allowed in the family child care home while children are present. (NOTE: This is only required when the Department has, in writing, excluded someone from the family child care home on or after January 1, 2001).
  1. Request in writing that a parent not be allowed to visit your child or take your child from the family child care home, provided you have shown a certified copy of a court order.
  1. Receive from the licensee the name address and telephone number of the local licensing office.
  1. Be informed by the licensee, upon request, of the name and type of association to the family child care home for any adult who has been granted a criminal record exemption, and that the name of the person may also be obtained by contacting the local licensing office.
  1. Receive, from the licensee, the Caregiver Background Check Process form.

10. Be informed, by the licensee, that the facility has or does not have liability insurance that covers injury to clients due to the  negligence of the licensee or employees of the facility.


Days/Hours of Operation

Child care is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6 p.m. with the exception of closings as referred to in this handbook.

Please notify Creative Kids Academy if your child will be absent or will be arriving/leaving early or late.



Creative Kids Academy is working hard to dispel the notion that home based daycare is not educational and academically inclined. Creative Kids Academy is committed to an academic as well as social education. To help highlight some of the activities your child participates in, CKA uses the website On this site, parents will find pictures, captions, and details about what your child is doing at CKA and why this is important developmentally. When you enroll your child at CKA, we will set up a page for them on this site. Parents will be able to log on at their convenience, and see what activities their child is participating in.



Creative Kids Academy strives to provide your child with a loving and stimulating learning environment. While at Creative Kids Academy, your child will be engaged in art, math, science, literacy, and play activities. The children will have ample opportunities to play indoors and outside. Additionally, the children will have regular bathroom breaks (about every 2 hours, more often if potty training) to minimize accidents and to help build healthy bathroom and cleanliness habits. Below is a sample of an average day at CKA:


7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. – Breakfast/ Free choice play

8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. – Curriculum Time

– Curriculum time includes art, literacy, science, math, and other activities

10:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. – Circle Time

10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. – Outside Time

11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. – Lunch

12:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. – Nap

2:15 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. – Transition from nap/ Snack

3:00 p.m. – 3:45- Outside Time

3:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. – Afternoon Circle Time and Curriculum Time

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. – Free choice play

Occasionally, the children will play at the park next door to school during outside time hours. Also, CKA reserves the right to change or modify this schedule dependent upon events of the day.

  • As a rule, CKA does not allow TV watching during school hours, however in the event of a rainy day or holiday, the children will be allowed to watch age appropriate educational programing for a maximum of 1 hour.


Fee Payment Guidelines

Child care fees are paid in advance on a monthly basis. Payments are due in full on the 22nd of each month for the following month. If the 22nd falls on a weekend, your payment is due on the next following business day. Tuition not paid by the 22nd (or if applicable, the following business day) is subject to a $10 a day late fee. Tuition must be paid in full by the 1st of each month along with any late fees or your child will not be permitted back at Creative Kids Academy. Creative Kids Academy charges by the day not the hours your child is in our care. There is no change in fee due to your child’s absences.

Tuition can be paid by cash or check. If a check is returned for any reason, you are responsible for paying any fees that are incurred from the return of your check. After 2 check returns, all further payments must be made in cash. Non-payment or consistent late payments is cause for immediate termination.

Creative Kids Academy reserves the right to change our tuition fees and/or policies. Creative Kids Academy will provide written notice of any changes 90 days before they take effect.



Creative Kids Academy requires a deposit to hold your child’s spot in our program. If your child is enrolling to start at CKA within the following month, a deposit of $250.00 is required. Any later starting date will require a deposit of $500.00. This deposit will be applied to your first month’s tuition. Any deposit paid without actual enrollment is nonrefundable.


Pro – Rating Payment Policy

Creative Kids Academy only pro – rates payments at the beginning and end of an enrollment contract. We do NOT offer pro – rated dates for half days, school closure days, and/or vacations days taken by either Creative Kids Academy or individual students. Creative Kids Academy requires that any request for pro – rated payment be accompanied by written notice of start date or termination date of enrollment contract.


Trial Period

Creative Kids Academy offers a 4 week trial period from the date child care begins. During this trail period, both parent and provider reserve the right to terminate the enrollment contract for any reason without 30 days notice. If the child care arrangements are not mutually satisfactory, either party can terminate this agreement with a 1(one) day notice – any moneys already paid are non-refundable. In the event of an unforeseen tragedy or life changing event, please communicate with CKA staff so that we can work with you to determine if you are eligible for a full or partial refund. The final decision whether to exclude a child from child care is made by the childcare program.


Termination/Change of Contract

In the event that the parent/guardian wishes to terminate care or change the terms of the enrollment contract after the trial period is over. Creative Kids Academy requires a minimum of 30 days notice prior to the change taking effect. Parents/Guardians are financially responsible for paying for the 30 days regardless of whether or not their child remains at Creative Kids Academy.


 Late Pick Up

Creative Kids Academy understands that sometimes you may not be able to pick your child up by closing time (6 p.m.) Please call the school and let us know you will be late. If you have someone else picking up your child, please remember that they must be on your approved pick up list and have valid identification. Consistent tardiness could be cause for termination.


Wait List Policy

Creative Kids Academy offers a wait list for interested families when there are no openings available at the school. We try to operate the wait list on a first come, first served basis. However, there may be certain factors such as your child’s age, gender, schedule availability, etc, that may affect your place on the wait list.



Parent/guardian will provide diapers, sunscreen, any ointment (i.e. Desitin etc.), changes of clothes, and baby bottles/ baby food. Please apply sunscreen to your child before dropping them off for the day. Teachers will reapply in the afternoon. Please make sure to dress your child in weather appropriate clothes and leave a jacket in their cubby for the day, CKA also asks that all children wear closed toe shoes to help prevent injuries. To eliminate the daily bundle of items to carry; you may bring a package of each item to leave at school. CKA will notify you if items are running low. All items must be marked with the child’s name.

Creative Kids Academy will supply sleeping mats, portable cribs/playpens, and sheets for your child. CKA will also provide meals and snacks to any children capable of eating solid foods (12 months or older). If your child has a favorite sleeping blanket or stuffed toy, he/she may bring them to sleep with.


Potty Training

Creative Kids Academy requires that all children over 3.5 years of age be potty trained. Teachers at CKA will work with you and your child to help prepare them for potty training. During this time, the parent/guardian will be responsible for providing multiple changes of clothes and working with their child at home as well as at school to provide consistent support for potty training. Please talk to your child’s teacher about any concerns or questions you may have about potty training.



Creative Kids Academy provides breakfast, lunch, and two nutritious snacks per day to all children capable of eating solid foods (usually 12 months and older). Creative Kids Academy will post a breakfast and lunch menu for each month 1 week prior to the month beginning. Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. and lunch is served from 11:30 to 12:15 p.m. Please feed your child in advance if they will not be at school during our lunch and breakfast hours.

If your child has any food allergies or sensitivities, please tell CKA in advance. We ask that no outside food be brought into CKA. CKA does allow food from home if your child is allergic to the food that is being served or has a dietary preference, such as being a vegetarian. CKA welcomes outside food for occasions like holidays or birthdays, just please let us know in advance if you are using highly allergic ingredients such as nuts.



Creative Kids Academy has a quiet rest period/naptime for children 1 and older from 12:15 to 2:15 daily. We ask that you refrain from picking up/dropping off your child at this time unless you have previously discussed it with us. Children who do not nap will be given quiet activities to pass the time. Children less than 1 year of age will nap as needed. All infants will be placed to sleep on their backs unless a current doctor’s note states otherwise.


Sick Policy

Creative Kids Academy works hard to provide a clean, sanitary, and healthy place for every child in the school. Therefore we ask for you to please keep your child at home if they exhibit any of the following symptoms

  • A fever of 100.5 or more
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive coughing
  • Excessive runny nose with colored mucus
  • Rashes or hives
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink-eye)
  • Lice
  • If your child is exhibiting behavior that is unusual for them, such as excessive crying, tiredness, or general unhappiness.

Please refrain from returning your child to Creative Kids Academy until they have been symptom free for a minimum of 24 hours.

If your child exhibits any of the symptoms above while at school, we will call you and ask for you or someone on your approved pick up list to pick up your child promptly. If your child has been sent home because of the symptoms listed above, they will not be able to return to Creative Kids Academy until 24 hours have passed or they have a Doctor’s note stating they are not contagious.

If your child requires prescribed medication, we will need a doctor’s note, and the parent/guardian will need to fill out our medication form. If your child is taking over the counter medication, the parent/guardian must fill out a medication form. CKA needs a new medication form every time your child takes any kind of medication.

If your child is sick and you will be keeping them home, Creative Kids Academy would appreciate a courtesy call letting us know that your child will be absent from school.


Child’s Health

The State of California requires that an age appropriate health appraisal be on file for each child enrolled within 30 days following admission, however your child cannot be initially admitted to day care without written documentation from your child’s physician or nurse practitioner that at least one (1) dose of DTaP or DTPh, one (1) dose of TOPC or IPV, and the MMR vaccines, and the HbCV vaccines, if required by the age of the child. Health appraisals shall be certified by your child’s physician or nurse practitioner and shall be updated yearly up to the age of 5 in accordance with the recommended schedule for routine health supervision of the American Academy of Pediatrics. You must provide Creative Kids Academy with your child’s immunization records. Children who do not have age appropriate immunizations may not be able to attend Creative Kids Academy.

Creative Kids Academy strongly encourages parents to follow the Center for Disease Controls immunization and vaccination guidelines for their child. Creative Kids Academy also strongly encourages that every child in our care receive the flu shot.

In the event, that there are three (3) or more children that have a contagious disease; i.e. chickenpox, Creative Kids Academy will provide a written notice to all parents/guardians.

Please see our Sick Policy section for more information on our policy regarding sickness and medications.



Creative Kids Academy staff will supervise your child closely in an attempt to prevent injuries. Even with the best supervision, accidents resulting in injury may occur. Creative Kids Academy staff has been trained in first aid and CPR and will follow their training. If the injury is minor (requiring only a Band-Aid or ice) Staff will tell you about the injury when you pick up your child. If it is serious, we will call you and may even suggest that you take your child to the doctor or emergency room. If an injury is very severe, we will call 911 for assistance before we call you. If we cannot reach you, we will call the emergency contacts listed on your emergency contact paperwork (Please remember to keep this paperwork up-to-date).


Release of Children

It is important that we protect your child by ensuring that your child does not leave Creative Kids Academy with a person you have not authorized to pick up your child. Please tell Creative Kids Academy when someone else besides you or the other parent/guardian will be picking up your child. Even if it is an emergency, we must have your permission to release your child to someone other than you. We ask that all people who pick up your child be pre- authorized by you. In the event of an emergency, we will need the person’s name and a description of what he or she looks like. The person picking up your child will have to show a picture ID before we will release your child from our care.

It is very important that your child arrives home safely. Therefore, if the person who arrives to pick up your child appears intoxicated or otherwise incapable of bringing your child home safely, we will call the parent or emergency contact person listed on your emergency contact forms to request their assistance. If the situation occurs a second time, it will be grounds for terminating care of your child.

All children should be transported to and from child care in a car seat or child restraint if under 6 years old or 60 pounds. For further clarification refer to the California Law regarding children and seat belts and abide by that law for your child’s safety. Creative Kids Academy will not release your child if the person picking up your child does not have a car seat and your child falls into the car seat requirement age bracket.


Emergency Evacuation Plan:

In the event of an emergency, CKA staff will evacuate the premises. If it is a minor emergency, the children will be evacuated to the green space at the “ T” of the streets at Rancho del Canon and Paseo Tapajos. If there is a major emergency, the children will be evacuated to the Carlsbad Dove Library located at 1775 Dove Lane Carlsbad, Ca 92011 (Near the intersection of Dove Lane and Arroyo Willow Lane). CKA staff will contact parents/guardians with our location in the event of an emergency.


Provider Illness and Vacations:

If illness or other emergencies should arise during child care hours every attempt will be made to have a substitute provider care for your child so that Creative Kids Academy can remain open for child care. If substitute care is not available you will receive a phone call to pick up your child. Whenever possible medical and personal appointments will be made after child care hours however, if it is necessary to use child care hours to secure appointments every attempt will be made to have a substitute provide care. If a substitute is not available, Creative Kids Academy may have to be closed for the day.

For your convenience, Creative Kids Academy will distribute scheduled Child care closings for vacations and holidays within the first month of each year and every attempt will be made to minimize any changes in this schedule.

Typical holiday closings:

* New Year’s Day

*Memorial Day

* Fourth of July

*Independence Day

* Labor Day

*Thanksgiving and the day after

* Christmas week

Creative Kids Academy reserves the right to close for any reason in which the school cannot operate in a safe manner. i.e. loss of electricity, water, extreme temperatures and medical epidemics. Child care fees are paid for any of these occurrences.